+ Eff ective in indigestion and loss of appetite.

+ Treats the problems of stomach f ullness, bloating and flatulence.


+ Diastase + Pepsin : Indicated as a digestive aid and for the treatment of acid indigestion, sour stomach, flatulence, epigastric distress, dyspepsia, eructation & to increase appetite.

+ Helps in digestion of  starch, ca rbohyd rates, fats & proteins

+ Used  as digestive aid in case of  loss of  appetite due to chronic illness, stomach f ul l ness and indigestion

Supplement Facts

Energy 20 kcal
Carbohydrates 5.05 gm
Protein 0
Fat 0
Fungal Diastase (1:1200) 15 mg
Papain 25 mg
Cinnamon Oil 125 mcg
Caraway Oil 250 mcg
Cardamom Oil 250 mcg
Lysine 20 mg

Recommended Usage :  1  or 2 teaspoon twice daily or as directed by Health Professional


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EL Digizyme Syrup-N 11- Pack of 300ml

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