The skin is the largest organ of the human body and deserves the best of care. Taking care of your skin and hair with natural products is definitely a change for the better from the use of synthetic and petroleum based products that, in the long term are detrimental rather than beneficial to the health of your skin and hair. The more natural the product, the more beneficial the product is for your skin. Treating your skin with pure plant ingredients is a sensible choice. We support this choice by using only natural ingredients.

Our wide assortment of herbal products includes Herbal Soap, Shampoos, Fairness Cream, Multi vitamin Facewash, 32 Herbs Hair Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Body Lotion,  Neem And Tulsi Face wash, Glow packs, Scrubs & many more. El Aura is indulged in processing an extensive assortment of qualitative herbal products under the supervision of our team of professionals.

Our firm has a team of professionals, which assists us in developing high grade product collection. The steady efforts of our professionals have made it possible to formulate product range acknowledged for its precise composition, high quality and safe to use. Our team of quality inspectors also play vital role in offering defect free product range by testifying it on various quality parameters. 

Since the beginning of time people have used natural ingredients like clays, salts, herbs, and many other organic compounds to keep facial skin healthy and to promote body wellness. Over the centuries many kings and queens used herbal medicines to cure irritation or ailments with years of success. Emperors and pharaohs practiced holistic procedures utilizing essential oils and aromatherapy based on mother nature’s ability to give a balance to all conditions.

As a result in today’s time, we have a refined technique to use the best of what nature has to offer and confirm the results with scientific studies and generations of successful trial and error. 

EL-aura is a range of Herbal preparations made exactly the way nature intended them to be.  This is the secret formulations that enhance youth and beauty. Inspired by nature and backed by science, EL-aura is a breakthrough line of herbal skincare products. 

Every EL-aura product delivers professional results, yet is formulated with pure and natural ingredients. By working with your skin to naturally optimize pH levels and moisture content, EL-aura helps all skin types to look and feel healthier and more radiant. 

Every eco-friendly product has been developed by chemists to contain optimal levels of certified botanical ingredients. And the entire EL-aura line is guaranteed to be free from artificial fragrance, colors and fillers, including parabens and processed nutrients.